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July 2012 Newsletter
 Estimada membresía,

Esta circular se inicia con un pedido. La profesora Elizabeth Montes hace un llamado a la asociación para ver si alguien le puede enviar los datos (dirección electrónica o el teléfono) de la escritora argentina Alicia Dujovne Ortiz.
En caso de tenerlos, por favor contactar a Elizabeth Montes directamente a su correo:
Mil gracias.
Otros anuncios:

1. Convocatoria Volumen sobre madres y maternidad

Demeter Press is seeking submissions for an edited collection
Mothers and Motherhood in the Spanish-Speaking World
Editors: Marina Bettaglio and Cándida Elizabeth Vivero Marín and

Publication Date: 2015

Traditional representations of motherhood in Spanish-speaking countries
have favoured the image of the selfless, abnegated mother, totally devoted
to her children. As a woman whose entire life was at the service of
others, she was supposed to find fulfillment in caring for and supporting
her family. Modelled after the Virgin Mary, this idealized maternal role
dominated, with regional differences, the Spanish and Latin American
imaginary for centuries. Marianismo, the cultural expression of this
ideological position, demonstrates the pervasiveness of the Marian
cult in Latin America, where the dichotomy Virgin/Whore described by
Octavio Paz has played a key role in imposing normative maternal values.
Nonetheless, during the last two decades new maternal configurations have
emerged in literature, comics, cinema, music, and art. This collection
seeks to examine counter-hegemonic discourses that stand in stark or
seeming opposition to traditional representations. The editors seek
article-length contributions from scholars from a variety of disciplines,
including literature, cinema, music and popular culture in general.
Articles may examine (but are not limited to) the following topics:
Non-traditional mothers, step-mothers, lesbian mothers, immigrant mothers,
minority mothers, professional mothers, writing mothers, artist mothers,
new stay-at-home mothers, supermommies, sexually desiring mothers,
celebrity mothers, yummy mommies/mummies, deviant mothers, perverse
mothers, criminal mothers, drug-addicted mothers, or incarcerated

Submission Guidelines:
Please submit abstracts of 250 words and include your 50 word bio and
Deadline for Abstracts is February 1st, 2013.
Please send submissions and inquiries directly to:
Marina Bettaglio and Cándida Elizabeth Vivero Marín and
Demeter Press
140 Holland St. West, PO 13022
Bradford, ON L3Z 2Y5 Tel: (905) 775-9089 /

Marina y Elizabeth
Marina Bettaglio, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Hispanic and Italian Studies
University of Victoria, Canada

2. Publicación
RoseAnna Mueller anuncia la publicación de su libro:
Teresa de la Parra: A Literary Life
Author: RoseAnna Mueller
Date Of Publication: Jun 2012
This book is the first comprehensive study of Teresa de la Parra for English-speaking readers. The volume includes a biographical chapter and analyses of de la Parra’s two novels, Iphigenia: the diary of a young lady who wrote because she was bored and Mama Blanca’s Memoirs.
An annotated version of the Three Colombian Lectures: Women’s Influence in the Formation of the American Soul reveals the importance of Latin American women’s contributions in Latin American history and speaks to gender issues sparked by critical reactions to Iphigenia.
Translations of de la Parra’s selected letters, short stories, and entries from the “Bellevue-Fuenfria-Madrid Diary” provide a more complete picture of the writer and help tie her works to her life. The book reviews literary criticism on de la Parra, providing an overview of what Venezuelan, Latin American and American critics and biographers have to say about the author and her works. De la Parra bridged the gap between Venezuelan and European traditions, and this book examines the author’s contribution to Venezuelan and Latin American literary traditions while showcasing her as a model of Latin American women’s writing whose influence is being rediscovered and reevaluated.

Les comunico que la próxima circular se enviará el 15 de agosto. Si tienen mensajes de interés para la asociación, envíenme sus comunicaciones a mi correo electrónico.
Saludos cordiales,

Elvira Sánchez-Blake
Secretaria de la AILCFH
Associate profesor
Michigan State University
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