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September 2012 Newsletter
 AILCFH Circular extra Sept 2012-09-19

Estimada membresía,

Esta circular tiene por objeto informarles que el plazo para inscribirse en la Conferencia de la AILCFH se ha ampliado hasta el 1o de octubre. También, las organizadoras han encontrado que hubo un problema técnico con la respuesta de confirmación de las inscripciones y por eso algunas personas no recibieron un mensaje confirmando su registro. El problema ha sido solucionado y en adelante todos recibirán su comprobante.

También, adjunto unas convocatorias que tienen plazo del 30 de septiembre:

Call for Papers

1. Vértigo espiritual: anticlericalismo, espiritismo y librepensamiento en España (1850-1936) (Roundtable)

44th Annual Convention, Northeast Modern Language Association (NeMLA)
March 21-24, 2013
Boston, Massachusetts
Host Institution: Tufts University

Session Description and Submission Information
Esta mesa redonda se centrará en el estudio de las representaciones literarias de ideologías que "contrastan" con el catolicismo en la España del siglo XIX y principios del XX. Se propone un debate que analice un amplio espectro de posibilidades alejadas de la religiosidad al uso. Las presentaciones abordaran el estudio de discursos que plasmen posturas como el laicismo, el librepensamiento, el anticlericalismo, el ateísmo, la masonería o el espiritismo.
Resulta crucial para el éxito de esta mesa redonda que se incluya una perspectiva de género revisando propuestas alternativas o transgresoras de la espiritualidad por parte de la mujer en este período.
Enviar CV y resumen de 150-200 palabras antes del 30 de septiembre a la atención de:

Deadline: September 30, 2012
Please include with your abstract:
Name and Affiliation
Email address
Postal address
Telephone number

The 2013 NeMLA convention continues the Association's tradition of sharing
innovative scholarship in an engaging and generative location. The 44th
annual event will be held in historic Boston, Massachusetts, a city known
for its national and maritime history, academic facilities and collections,
vibrant art, theatre, and food scenes, and blend of architecture. The
Convention, located centrally near Boston Commons and the Theatre District
at the Hyatt Regency, will include keynote and guest speakers, literary
readings, film screenings, tours and workshops.

Interested participants may submit abstracts to more than one NeMLA
session; however, panelists can only present one paper (panel or seminar).
Convention participants may present a paper at a panel and also present at
a creative session or participate in a roundtable.

2. Call for Papers

October 19-20, 2012
Modern Languages and Literatures, Graduate Students Conference
University of Miami
Deadline: September 30, 2012

Keynote Speaker: Giselle Beiguelman
We welcome papers on a wide range of interdisciplinary topics, including but not limited to the following:

The impact of the cyberspace in Literature, Literary Criticism, Drama, Music and Visual Arts The uses of new media, such as e-books, blogging, social networks, digital libraries, hypertext, podcasts, webumentaries, among others in the construction of new narrative forms Aesthetic questions posed by cyberspace in relation to new forms of storytelling and expression, simulation, re-imagining the self, re-reading canons, literary, cinematic and art genres Theoretical debates on digital authorship and publishing, digital literature, digital film and digital arts as new forms of cultural production Cyberaesthetics as a space for redefined agency (cultural, political, social and other forms), i.e.: the Arab Spring and other forms of rebellions orchestrated via social media (Un)limited access to information, content sharing, sampling, remixing, copyright, public and private information domains Gender, Biopower and Technologies of the Body Cyberspace as a (Non) Cultural Space/ (Non) Place / Heterotopy/ Utopia/ Post-Nation

Please send 250-word proposals for 20 minute presentations that may be given in English, Spanish, French, or Portuguese to including name, email, address, academic affiliation and a short bio. Additionally, we invite the presentation of relevant creative projects to be posted at a parallel site to the conference’s main panels. To that effect, please, provide a link for us to access a sample of the project to be presented for consideration. Registration Fee: $45 USD.

For more information contact
Gema Pérez-Sánchez:
Associate Professor of Spanish
Department of Modern Languages and Literatures
Merrick Building-Room #210-20
University of Miami

3. 12th Ohio Latin Americanist Conference at Wittenberg University

Friday – Saturday, February 22-23, 2013
Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio

The Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures, International Studies, Women’s Studies and African and Diaspora Studies Programs at Wittenberg University are pleased to host the 12th Ohio Latin Americanist Conference for the year 2013. We invite all Latin Americanist and Latina/o Studies scholars, educators, and students from institutions of higher education in Ohio and surrounding areas to participate in this annual meeting on the state of Latin American and Latina/o Studies.

Research areas may include (but are not limited to) literatures & linguistics, history, education, geography, political science, economics, anthropology, sociology, art, area studies such as cultural, international, women’s, gender, ethnic, and sexuality studies.
We especially invite proposals related to the natural sciences, environmental sciences, bioethics, and other fields that have been underrepresented in past OLAC meetings.

During this year’s conference, we would like to emphasize an interdisciplinary dialogue that addresses the cultural and political agency of civil grassroots movements across the Americas. The interconnection between social movements and the reestablishment of participatory democracies has become a key issue during recent years in both the U.S. and Latin America. We would like to pay special attention to this emerging phenomenon by fostering workshops and/or panels on any aspect of the Performance of Politics in the Public Sphere. Likewise OLAC would like to promote a public arena where we can reinvigorate the historical role played by the academy as a democratic actor in contemporary public debate.

All papers and panels are welcome but we will give special consideration to proposals/panels promoting discussion in the following areas:

· Ethics and Aesthetics: New Politics for Citizenship and Human Rights in Latin America.
· Sustainability, Culture and Environmental Issues: New Initiatives in the Americas.
· Cuba in the 21st Century.
· Any aspect of the African Diaspora in Latin America and the Caribbean, since the month of February is dedicated to Afro-American history.
· Paulo Freire’s Pedagogical and Cultural Legacy in the Era of the Wall-Street-ization of Latin America.
· Women’s Agency in the Public Sphere
· Ethnicity, Nationalism, and the State.

• Keynote speaker: Professor Mercedes Prieto Noguera, Anthropologist and Coordinator of FLACSO Ecuador’s Humanities program, will speak on her work with Quichua and Amazonean indigenous women of Ecuador.
• Special invited guests: Professor Luisa Yara Campos, Professor of Pedagogy and Director of Cuba’s Museum on the Literary Campaign of 1961. Kaori Flores Yonekura, rising Venezuelan documentary film-maker.
• Film screenings: Kaori Flores Yonekura will present her film, Nikkei, a personal exploration of Japanese immigration to Peru and Venezuela. Flores Yonekura will also bring for screening other recent Venezuelan films. Luisa Yara Campos will present the documentary film, Maestra, on the impact of the Literacy Campaign on women participants’ lives, using archival materials from the museum.
• Optional Wines of Latin America wine-tasting reception at the Wescott House, a unique example of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Prairie Style architecture in Springfield, Ohio.

Please send a 300 word abstract for individual papers or for a panel to, by October 15th, 2012

For more information contact:
Dr. Christine McIntyre or Dr. Fernando A. Blanco
Co-organizers of OLAC 2013
Department of Foreign Languages and Literatures at Wittenberg University
Springfield, Ohio 45501
Phone: (937) 327 6355 - (937) 327-7075


Elvira Sánchez-Blake
Secretaria de la AILCFH
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