Asociación de Estudios de Género y Sexualidades
Membresía de la AEGS (previamente AILCFH)

July 2014 Newsletter
 My Dear Colleagues,

It is with extreme sadness that I tell you that I must step down as President of the AILCFH. As you may know, my life changed radically when my husband passed away unexpectedly of a heart attack last November 10th. I could not anticipate then how difficult this road would be or how my four children and I would struggle with grief and also trauma, due to the circumstances of his death.

Through it all, I have strived to maintain my service to the AILCFH because I believe so passionately in the value of this Association and its mission. Nonetheless, it has become increasingly clear to me that I cannot properly meet all my professional commitments and also meet the heightened needs of my children. I love my career and I adore all of you, but there is no question in my mind where my top priority must lie: I will help my children survive this tragedy and thrive, come what may. As the months have passed and I have begun to grasp the complexity of our situation, it has become clear to me that achieving that goal requires still more time and focus from me. So, with a heavy heart but determined hope, I must step down from the presidency and not fill the second year of my term.

I would like to extend my deepest thanks and admiration to the AILCFH Executive Committee-- Jill, Sarah, María, María Elena, Juan, Amarilis, Jennifer, Carmen, and Dianna. You are an extraordinary group and it has been my honor and pleasure to work with you! I also thank the many members of our remarkable Association who have extended their support to me, in word and deed, during these challenging months when my world seemed destroyed. I cannot express the sustenance I have gleaned from your love and support. Thank you all.

This Association exemplifies what I think are the finest qualities of our profession--the passion for knowledge, excellence in scholarship, the drive toward equity, the embracing of difference, and caring for the other. It has been my privilege to work with you all to further that mission however I can. I will continue to do so as much as I am able, while not in office.

Yours ever,

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