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August 2014 Newsletter
 Circular AILCFH
1 de agosto, 2014

En esta circular encontrarán varias noticias de interés:

1. Nueva Editora de Reseñas
2. ACLA Proposal: Global García Márquez
3. NeMLA CFP Roudtable Discussion: Disability Studies

1. Nueva Editora de Reseñas – nota para la membresía

Estimadas/os colegas y miembros de AILCFH:

Nos es grato anunciar a nuestra membresía que la Dra. Diane Marting (University of Mississippi) ha sido nombrada la nueva Directora de Reseñas de Letras femeninas. ¡Felicitaciones! También tomamos esta oportunidad para agradecer una vez más a María Guadalupe Calatayud (University of North Georgia), la previa directora de reseñas. Le agradecemos muchísimo su servicio y le mandamos nuestros mejores deseos.

Les recordamos que de ahora en adelante, cualquier reseña debe enviarse directamente a Diane Marting (dmarting at Por otro lado, agradecemos a quell@s autor@s que nos han hecho llegar copias de sus textos publicados para que sean reseñados en próximos números e invitamos a quienes no lo hayan hecho todavía a que nos contacten para coordinar el envío (Dianna C. Niebylski

2. ACLA Proposal: Global García Márquez

Salmon Rushdie recently wrote, “Gabo lives. The extraordinary worldwide attention paid to the death of Gabriel García Márquez, and the genuine sorrow felt by readers everywhere at his passing, tell us that his books are still very much alive” (New York Times Book Review, May 18, 2014, p.1). This panel seeks to further understanding of the ‘life’ of the Colombian’s texts and their progeny around the world. Translations and adaptations are the most easily identifiable texts in which Gabriel García Márquez’s fictions continue their existence. Examples of the way works could be studied are translations in the context of another literature or in comparison to that of García Márquez. Other examples include original film adaptations into Spanish or other languages or even videos, poetry, or other less common gestures toward his fiction. Interesting studies would embrace a particular theoretical mode of analysis, be it a theory of translation, the use of parody or influence, the idea of intermedial dialogue between creative works, or other approaches. This list is not at all exhaustive, and instead is intended to indicate the variety of contributions that could be acceptable for this panel. A special issue of The Global South will be published on this topic in 2017; successful panel papers will be considered for inclusion. The Global South is an interdisciplinary journal published by Indiana University Press and distributed by JSTOR and Project Muse.


3. NeMLA CFP Roudtable Discussion

Title: Latin American Perspectives on Disability Studies
Roundtable fostering a dialogue about and with Latin American perspectives on disability studies in the humanities. Participants will give brief presentations on disability studies theory and criticism produced in Latin America in response to local and regional lived realities and cultural productions. Speakers may also highlight literature, film and media that raise questions about the representation or self-representation of people with disabilities in Latin America, or engage with disability studies concepts and theories. Social science work that has a humanities dimension, such as that which treats the cultural construction of disability, may be included. Ample time will be provided for discussion. Roundtable organized by Beth Jorgensen, Univ. of Rochester. Submit abstracts by Sept. 30, 2014 through the NeMLA website:

At the NeMLA website you will log in as a User, or sign up if you are a first-time user. Then click on "Call for Papers" and locate the CFP under Spanish/Portuguese.

Beth E. Jorgensen
Professor of Spanish
Chair of the Board on Academic Honesty
Modern Languages and Cultures
Box 270082
University of Rochester
Rochester, NY 14627
585 275-4265
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