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March 2010 Newsletter
 Circular 3.2 marzo 2010


Estos son los anuncios de interés que he recibido.

Además quiero recordeles que las nominaciones para los diferentes premios de la asociación vencen en este mes de abril. Recuerden que pueden encontrar toda la información necesario en la página de la asociación, en el apartado de Premios.

un cordial saludo

Elena Castro
Secretaria AILCFH




We are soliciting contributions for a volume on Hispanic Women Writers (both Peninsular and Latin American) titled Hispanic Women Writers in the 21st Century: Shaping Gender, the Environment, and Global Politics.

This volume seeks to evaluate and explore the different ways in which Hispanic writers are currently integrating global issues and gender concerns into their writing. We are soliciting contributions on both Peninsular and Latin American writers, all genres included.

Suggested topics:

Hispanic women and gender: Writing towards a more nuanced understanding of the sexes in the postmodern age
Women’s attitudes towards the environment in the Hispanic world—How have ecological concerns shaped female writing in recent decades?
Exploring the male/violence versus female/pacifism paradigm in current Hispanic literature
Women’s writing and globalization: In what ways are modern global issues (pluralism, social justice, gender equality, tolerance, political representation) prominent in female texts in the Hispanic world?
Writing as a social and political weapon: What techniques and strategies do Hispanic female writers use nowadays to shape the cultural and political environment in their countries?

Please send the title and a one-to-two page description of your proposal, as well as a brief biographical note, by September 30th 2010 to the editors:

Estrella Cibreiro, Professor of Spanish, College of the Holy Cross,

Francisca López, Professor of Spanish, Bates College,

Please be sure to send all information, as well as any queries, to both editors.


2)Mensaje de Claudia Salazar
Good Morning:

Please share this information about PERUFEST: Festival of New Peruvian Film, with interested colleagues and students. Thank you very much.
Claudia Salazar

Festival of New Peruvian Films at New York University.

April 15 & 16, 2010
King Juan Carlos I of Spain Center de New York University.
53 Washington Square South (between Sullivan St. & Thompson St.)

Web site:

PeruFest: Festival of New Peruvian Film, presents the most recent cinematographic productions from Peru. In this festival will be screened short and feature films from the new generation of Peruvian directors. PeruFest is a pioneer event in New York University, as it is the first festival to be exclusively dedicated to the Peruvian Cinema.

The carefully selected films cover a huge variety of styles and themes, exploring issues as: social struggle and identity conflicts in contemporary Peru, political violence, mourning, family relations, and reflection on the director’s own condition. Many of these young filmmakers have been awarded in festivals like: Cannes, Berlin, San Sebastián, Biarritz, amongst others.

In PeruFest will be screened 5 feature-films, 2 medium-length films and 10 short-films, of which we highlight the feature-films Dioses (2008) by Josué Mendez and Madeinusa (2006) by Claudia Llosa.

All films have English subtitles. Admission to all screenings is FREE and OPEN to the general public.

Claudia Salazar is the Curator and Artistic Director of PERUFEST.
For more information please contact:

Claudia Salazar
Department of Spanish & Portuguese
New York University
19 University Place, 4th floor
New York, NY 10003

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