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September 2010 Newsletter
 AILCFH circular 9.1, septiembre 2010

Estimada membresía

Adjunto os envio los diversos anuncios y convocatorias que han llegado en estas semanas.

También recordaros que el congreso de Austin esta a la vuelta de la esquina. Estoy segura de que será un éxito y que todas/os disfrutaremos mucho con la experiencia.

Un cordial saludo y ¡nos vemos en Austin!

Elena Castro
Secretaria AILCFH


1) El boletín de la AILCFH Grafemas está preparando la edición del 2010 y acepta materiales críticos (ensayos, entrevistas) y/o creativos (textos, arte, fotiografía), así como información sobre publicaciones de nuevos libros. Por favor, mandar las colaboraciones a Guadalupe Cortina según las normas de envio publicadas en

2) La coalición Feministas Unidas convocó el octavo premio anual de ensayo crítico para estudiantes graduados. Se aceptan originales hasta el 15 de noviembre. Favor de pasar la información a los/las estudiantes graduados/as que puedan estar interesados/as en enviar un ensayo para ser considerado para este premio. La información de las bases se pueden encontrar en el sitio de la coalición: http:// Para preguntas sobre el premio pueden escribir a Inma Pertusa (, vicepresidenta de Feministas Unidas.

3) Aviso de Dianna Niebylski
Estimad@s reseñadores:
Ponemos a su disposición una lista actualizada de títulos recientemente recibidos y disponibles para reseñar en nuestros próximos números. Para recibir el libro, por favor, envíenos un mensaje indicando el título elegido a, con su dirección postal y se lo haremos llegar a la mayor brevedad posible. Les hacemos notar que la fecha límite que hemos puesto para recibir las reseñas es el 10 de enero de 2011. Les pedimos que tomen en consideración la fecha al solicitar los textos y que envíen las reseñas a la misma dirección de correo.
Como siempre, solamente entregaremos un título por reseñad@r. Se distribuirán los textos según el orden de llegada de los pedidos y se dará preferencia a aquell@s reseñadores que no hayan recibido textos en la última circular.
Por otro lado, agradecemos a quell@s autor@s que nos han hecho llegar copias de sus textos publicados para que sean reseñados en próximos números e invitamos a quienes no lo hayan hecho todavía a que nos contacten para coordinar el envío. De la misma manera, de existir interés en reseñar un título reciente que no anunciamos en la lista, por favor, hágannos saber los datos para poder pedirlo a la editorial.
Asimismo, estamos adjuntando una lista de los textos reseñados hasta ahora con sus respectivos reseñadores a modo informativo.
Desde ya muchas gracias por su atención.

Dianna Niebylski, Book Review Editor 
Andrea M. Castelluccio, Assistant 
To request a book or send a review, please mail us to


Call for submissions
The 42nd convention of the Northeast Modern Language Association, New Brunswick, New Jersey
April 7-10, 2011. http://

Cyberspace and Literature in Latin America: What Does The Future Entail?
What is the future of literature in Latin America vis-à-vis the imminent advancement of cyberspace options as the main media for contemporary readers/viewers? Published writers increasingly have created blogs and other forms of presence on the Internet –what does the future may entail for literature? Will cyberspace become a new art form per se? Will literature, as we know it, disappear? Send 250 words abstract to Hilda Chacón ( Along with your abstract, please include your:
Academic affiliation
Email address
Request for A/V equipment (if any, charge of $10 due to NeMLA)

Crossing Borders and Performing Gender on the Spanish-Speaking Stage
Sponsored by Feministas Unidas. The 21st Century has seen increased globalization and marketplace demands cause human migration to skyrocket, increasingly fueling shifts in the identities of Spanish-speaking women.
This panel seeks to question how the staging of female migration in Spanish-language theatre acts to inform the evolution of feminine/feminist/ lesbian/ femme/ and butch identities. Please send 250-300 word abstracts in the form of an attachment to: Maria DiFrancesco ( . Along with your abstract, please include your:
Academic affiliation
Email address
Request for A/V equipment (if any, charge of $10 due to NeMLA)

Please note that you must be a member of Feministas Unidas AND NeMLA to participate/present on this panel.

Call for submissions
Hispanet Journal Call for Papers 2010

“Latin American Film”
Florida International University / Florida Memorial University
Extension! : November 1st, 2010

We welcome papers of 15 to 30 pages, notes and works cited included, that represent a critical study of these topics in Latin American film. Hispanet is an online journal sponsored by the Modern Language Department of Florida International University, the Graduate Student Organization of this department, and Florida Memorial University. The deadline for submission is November 1st, 2010. Suggested topic headings include but are not limited to:
Fragmented Stories in a Postmodern World
The Importance of Dreams in Films
Can Magical Realism be in the Reel?
African/Indigenous Protagonists
Cuban Film Making under Castro
Political Correctness
Violence and Sex
History of Latin American Film
Censoring in Dictatorships
Showing the Unseen
Racial and Class Concerns
Why Documentaries?
Language and Translation Bias
Cultural Changes in Motion
Mythical Stories
Historical Films
Silent Movies in Latin America
Relevance of Musicals and Popular Music
Guerrilla Heroes in the Screen
The Grotesque in Comedies
Religious Motives
The Use of Thrillers and Suspense
Cultural Encounters
Camera Techniques in Low Budget Films
Children’s Roles in Films
Countryside and City Stories
From Literature to Film

Papers may be written in Spanish or English using the MLA format 6th edition. The electronic submission of your paper is in Word 2003 or 2007. It must not have your name, or your affiliation in the text. Use a separate document for your data: title page with the author’s name, affiliation, address, and phone:

zclark@FMUNIV.EDU (Subject: Hispanet Submission). You should also send by post two printed copies of your paper and one page with your data to:

Dr. Zoila Clark
Assistant Professor of Spanish
Department of Humanities – Fine Arts Building
Florida Memorial University
15800 NW 42nd avenue – Miami Gardens, FL 33054 – USA

Call for submissions
The editors of Ambitos Feministas, the multidisciplinary journal of Feministas Unidas ( invite unpublished critical essays that explore Feminist issues in Spanish, Spanish-American, Luso-Brazilian, Afro-Latin American, and U.S. Hispanic and Latino Studies (literatures, cinema, art, gender, and cultural studies).

Essays in Spanish, Portuguese or English, need to conform to the most recent versions of the MLA Style Manual and the MLA Handbook for Writers of Research Papers, between 17-25 double-spaced pages in length, including all notes, as well as the Works Cited Submissions will be subject to peer review.

A current membership to the coalition Feministas Unidas is required of all authors at the time of submission and must be kept until the end of the process. Visit <> for details on membership.

The deadline for articles for the first issue is 31 October 2010. For more information, see submission guidelines at
Nuevas publicaciones:

1) El viejo, el asesino, yo y otros cuentos (Stockcero, 2009) is an anthology of nine stories and a testimonial essay by Ena Lucía Portela, one of the best-known Cuban writers. Born in 1972 in Havana, where she still lives, Portela is the author of four novels: El pájaro: pincel y tinta china (1999), La sombra del caminante (2001), Cien botellas en una pared (2002), and Djuna y Daniel (2008). The last two have won important awards. She is also the author of two short story collections, Una extraña entre las piedras (1999) and Alguna enfermedad muy grave (2006). Portela’s work has appeared in nine languages and in over twenty countries. She was selected in May 2007 as one of the 39 most important writers in Latin America under the age of 39.
The present volume gives an overview of Portela’s short fiction. The texts, not readily available in the U.S., were published between 1993 and 2008. One of the stories, "El viejo, el asesino y yo," was the 1999 recipient of the prestigious Juan Rulfo Prize awarded by French International Radio.

References to books and authors of all eras, as well as to the visual arts, cinema, and music, are interwoven throughout Portela’s writings, which are both culturally dense and playful. Today's Cuba appears as a backdrop to the stories, but not in a simplistic way. Iraida H. López's prologue offers an overview of the short story in Cuba since 1959, focusing particularly on the 1990's generation. She discusses not only recurrent themes in Portela's stories, but also some of the strategies used by the author to pursue her interests. Approximately two hundred notes, drafted jointly by López and Portela, elucidate both personal and literal meanings of myriad cultural references and dialectic expressions.

2) Just published is a new anthology titled _Feminist Activism in Academia:
New Essays on Personal, Political and Professional Change_ (McFarland,
2010), edited by Ellen Mayock and Domnica Radulescu. In her review of the
book, Jill Dolan writes: "This collection clarifies the vexations of trying
to be an ethical professor, an honorable human being, and a woman, in a
context in which 'female' and 'academic' are too often oxymoronic. Each
writer details struggles faced in the classroom, at faculty meetings, or
during parents' weekend, as they find their authority challenged because of
their gender. Filled with personal and theoretical wisdom, these essays
shake the ivory tower at its foundation in white upper-class male privilege."

Here are the Amazon and McFarland links :

Puestos de trabajo

1) Western Kentucky University
Head, Department of Modern Languages

12 month position, beginning July 1, 2011. Tenure, rank, and salary are dependent on qualifications and experience.

Required Qualifications: earned Ph.D.; distinguished record of teaching and scholarship in one of the disciplines represented in the department; ability to provide vision and creative leadership to advance the department’s mission; ability to promote the diverse talents of faculty to build on department’s strengths. Desired Qualifications: experience in nurturing connections between the department, public schools, and the community; demonstrated knowledge of language pedagogy; familiarity with applications of technology in language instruction; experience in budget management and personnel evaluation; record of successful grant activity.

The Department of Modern Languages offers programs leading to the B.A. in French, German, and Spanish, as well as the Master of Arts in Education in French and Spanish. In addition, courses in Chinese, Russian and Japanese are taught. The university also has a general education language requirement for all students. The department, which has over 130 majors, consists of fifteen full-time and eight part-time faculty members who represent academic expertise in a wide variety of areas. Facilities include a state-of-the-art Media Center, and all courses are taught in smart classrooms. The faculty collaborates with public schools and the public library to offer enrichment programs.

WKU is located in Bowling Green, Kentucky, a city with a population of 60,000, approximately 110 miles south of Louisville and 65 miles north of Nashville, Tennessee. The institution hosts a study abroad consortium (KIIS) and participates in several others. WKU has recently become a Chinese Flagship university and a host for a Confucius Institute; the university also has a growing Honors College. A concerted effort to internationalize the curriculum and to promote faculty and student participation in study abroad is well under way.

Candidates must send a letter of application, current curriculum vitae, and three current letters of reference specific to this position. Submit application materials (electronic apps are accepted) to

ML Department Head Search
Dr. Karen Schneider
Western Kentucky University
1906 College Heights Blvd #11086
Bowling Green, KY 42101-1086
Review of applications begins November 1, 2010, and will continue until the position is filled. Phone interviews will be held in December.

Inquiries:, with ML DH Search in subject line.

2) We are pleased to share the following information about a new posting for an
academic search in our program. Please circulate widely.

Thank you.

With best regards,
Maria Figueredo
Coordinator, Spanish and Portuguese Studies

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